We're now a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC)

Goodbye, INC. Hello, SPC! Grounds for Change is now officially a Social Purpose Corporation which means that we have adopted specific language in our articles of incorporation that acknowledge the fact that we operate not just for profit, like a typical corporation does, but for positive social and environmental impact as well. Article III in our amended articles of incorporation lays it out very concisely and we feel that this is a good framework for businesses of all kinds to adopt:



3.1 The corporation is organized as a social purpose corporation under RCW 23B.25. The general social purposes for which the corporation is organized pursuant to RCW 23B.25.020 is the intent to promote positive long-term effects of the corporation’s activities upon the corporation’s employees, suppliers, and customers and the environment, including creating a material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole, from the business and operations of the corporation.
3.2 The mission of this social purpose corporation is not necessarily compatible with, and may be contrary to, maximizing profits and earnings for shareholders, or maximizing shareholder value in any sale, merger acquisition, or other similar actions of the corporation.
Thank you to all of our loyal customers for making this possible!