Cafe Femenino Grant Donation: Greenhouses

We are happy to have recently funded another Cafe Femenino grant request in Peru for 2019. Our donation has provided for the construction of five greenhouses in five communities that supply coffee for Cafe Femenino. This grant will provide greenhouse materials for the construction of five greenhouse structures in five coffee-producing communities. Additionally, there will be workshops teaching best practices for managing the crops, educational workshops on proper nutrition as well as food preparation and hygiene.

Using tunnel greenhouse construction techniques, with local materials covered in mesh to create permanent structures, these greenhouses will increase the production of vegetables, quinoa and kiwicha while simultaneously improving crop quality by reducing pests and diseases that are common in open-field cultivation. The availability of vegetables and grains in the community, as well as the educational workshops on nutrition, hygiene and cleaning practices will improve food quality and the diet of all community members.

Thank you to all of our supporters for making this grant possible!