All Grounds for Change decaf coffee is decaffeinated using a water process that is chemical free and maintains the organic certification of our coffee.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Green Coffee Beans

    Start with organic unroasted green beans.

  2. Soak These Beans In Hot Water

    This hot water draws out the flavor essences of the beans just the way hot water does with ground coffee in a coffee press. The water becomes flavor-saturated in coffee essences. These green beans are then discarded.

  3. Remove the Caffeine

    The flavor-saturated water is then run through a carbon filter which traps and removes the caffeine molecules, but not the coffee essences.

  4. Immerse New Beans

    Fresh green coffee beans are then added to the flavor-saturated water. Since this water is already saturated in coffee essences, the caffeine is drawn out while the flavor essences are preserved, resulting in a full flavored, decaffeinated bean. Water processing removes 97% of the caffeine, which is the industry standard.

  5. Great Decaf

    Free of caffeine and chemicals, but full of flavor, these beans are then dried and re-bagged for roasting.

Decaf Organic Coffee and Decaf Fair Trade Coffee