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Vienna Roast

caramel • vanilla • citrus • berry

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Vienna Roast is a classic blend of four fair trade organic coffees that are slow-roasted to a medium-dark, highly aromatic level. This blend has a full body that features caramel, vanilla, citrus and berry notes with a rich, satisfying finish. Vienna Roast is the historical name for this particular roast level which was favored in Vienna, Austria when coffee houses began opening there in the 18th century.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is Fair Trade certified according to the Fair for Life standard, Organic Certified by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and grown in shaded conditions by small farmer cooperatives. In addition, the complete carbon footprint (from crop to cup) for our coffee has been offset with tree planting, which qualifies it as a CarbonFree Certified product by All of our coffee is roasted to order and shipped fresh daily. We package in air-tight, foil-lined bags with one-way degassing valves to preserve freshness.

caramel • vanilla • citrus • berry