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Certified organic coffee roaster specializing in 100% fair trade coffee

Grounds for Change roasts Fair Trade Coffee and Organic Coffee that is Carbon-Free Certified. Our Coffee of the Month Club is the perfect coffee gift for any occasion and we have a comprehensive Wholesale Coffee Program for independent cafes. Every single bean that we roast is certified fair trade, organic, and carbon-free.

Carbon-Free Certified Coffee

We offset all CO2 emissions from crop to cup. Find out how it works.

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Roasting Daily Since 2003

Our relentless pursuit of premium quality certified coffees began in 2003 and continues to this day. We roast, package and ship directly to you for the freshest fair trade organic coffee possible. Find out how we source our coffee.

Coffee Sourcing

Grounds for Change Coffee

Attention to the social, environmental and financial impacts of conducting business forms the foundation of Grounds for Change. Out of this concern grows premium quality, great service and passion for our trade. The result is a truly exceptional cup of fair trade organic coffee.

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Premium Certified Coffees Since 2003

Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is grown without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, thereby assuring the health of the soil, forest and farmers. All of the coffee we roast is certified organic coffee.

Fair Trade Coffee

Fair trade coffee gives farmers a better standard of living and producer cooperatives are guaranteed a minimum fair price for their crop. All of the coffee we roast is certified fair trade coffee.

Cafe Femenino

These fair trade organic coffees are grown, processed and traded by women who then decide how to use the proceeds for bettering their own lives as well as those of their children.